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i'm spoon and i draw
sometimes (mostly usuk)
For your commissions do you take photos of people?
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you mean would i draw someone using a photo reference? sure!

hey everyone!! i’m going to fanime in a month and i need money for my hotel room, so i’m opening up commissions!

a few things:

  • paypal only!
  • no sex or gore or anything like that, must be PG-13 or below
  • for original characters, be prepared with a reference or detailed description
  • prices aren’t set in stone—if you want something super detailed or complicated, i may ask for a little bit more

and i think that’s all! for now i will be opening 10 slots; if you’re interested then send me an email at kestin.larsen (at) gmail.com! thanks so much!! :D

You are awesome and wonderful and deserve great, magnificent days. So I hope you have a spectacular week, Spoon!
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GOSH sdkfjsk thank you!! you too, anon!

tryin out different stuff

tryin out different stuff

some ocs :3 anabelle, kimmi, victoria, and… the president LOL i don’t have a name for her yet

i love the idea of oz being one of those kids who’s a HUGE SHOWOFF, always like “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!” and then proceeding to climb the nearest tall object or wrestle the nearest animal or eat the nearest bug; and nz is always stuck with the job of trying in vain to talk him out of it & then finding an adult when he inevitably gets hurt

my friends are a terrible influence

y e a

i drew this forever ago & then forgot about it omg